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Paper bags, cartons, counter rolls, jiffy bags and packaging boards of all styles and thicknesses. If your looking for packaging materials for print or end use, look no further than Paperboys.

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Name: Masking Rolls Kraft
Category: Packaging
Features: Australian Made
Available GSM: 45, 49, 50
Available Sizes: (mm) 300, 450, 900, 75, 150
Available Colours: Kraft Brown

Description: Australian made masking sheets used in painting and auto finishing. Glazed high quality finish. Premium and economy grades available. All rolls 400 metres.

Name: Newsprint Counter Rolls
Category: Packaging
Features: Australia Made
Available GSM: 48.8
Available Sizes: (mm), 305, 320, 610, 760, 915, 1220
Available Colours: White

Description: All purpose Australian made wrapping paper. All rolls are 500 metres per roll.

Name: Ovaro Binders Board
Category: Packaging
Features: pH Neutral, Recycled, FSC Certified
Available GSM: (UMS) 600, 750, 1000, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 690x910, 760x1020
Available Colours: Grey

Description: Genuine imported book binders board. Acid free and archival. Ideal for case bound books.

Name: Pallet Liners
Category: Packaging
Features: Australian Made
Available GSM: 50, 80, 160
Available Sizes: 1150x1150
Available Colours: Brown Kraft

Description: Australian made pallet liners. Special sizes made to order. Available in lightweight, standard and heavy duty thicknesses

Name: Paper Rolls
Category: Packaging
Available GSM: 80
Available Sizes: 1300mm wide
Available Colours: White

Description: Commonly referred to as 'Butt' rolls, these are ideal for charts, table linings, functions, conferences, art and craft projects for all ages. Rolls vary in length to several hundred metres.

Name: Performance Paper TableCloths
Category: Packaging
Available GSM: 70, 80
Available Sizes: 700x700, 750x750, 800x800, 810x810, 850x850, 900x900, 910x910, 850x1020, Custom sizes available on request
Available Colours: White, Brown Kraft

Description: High quality paper table cloths providing and affordable and hygienic alternative to traditional material tablecloths. Available in White and Brown Kraft in a wide range of popular table sizes.

Name: Premium MG Wrapping Tissue
Category: Packaging
Available GSM: 22
Available Sizes: 430x660
Available Colours: White

Description: High quality machine glazed tissue. Excellent wrapping paper.

Name: Quickpad Padding Glue
Category: Packaging
Available Sizes: 1ltr, 4.5ltr, 20ltr
Available Colours: Clear

Description: Quick dry clear padding glue for all your craft, padding and commercial applications.

Name: Spectrum Acid Free Tissue Paper
Category: Packaging
Available GSM: 17
Available Sizes: 510x760
Available Colours: White, Black, Blue, Cerise, Green, Mauve, Pink, Red, Yellow

Description: Range of machine glazed white and coloured tissue papers in sheets and rolls. Acid free and color fast making them suitable for wrapping clothes.

Name: Tissue Paper White & Colors
Category: Packaging
Available GSM: 17, 18
Available Sizes: 510x750
Available Colours: White, Black, Light Blue, Cerise, Mid Green, Violet, Pink, Red, Yellow

Description: Acid Free, machine glazed, color fast tissue paper, suitable for wrapping clothing. Inhibits tarnishing of metals.

Product 21 to 30 of 31
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