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Packaging Tapes

Select from a wide range of high quality tapes for all your packaging and finishing requirements.

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Name: Masking Tape
Category: Packaging Tapes
Available Sizes: 24mm, 36mm, 48mm
Available Colours: Cream

Description: Premium masking tape suitable for bookbinding, painting and household applications. 50 metre rolls.

Name: Packaging Tape - Hot Melt
Category: Packaging Tapes
Available Sizes: 24, 36, 48mm
Available Colours: Clear, Brown

Description: High quality packaging tape with hot melt acrylic adhesive for excellent adhesion on non critical application. For use on a wide range of packing surfaces.

Name: SuperTape Cloth Tape
Category: Packaging Tapes
Features: Supertape
Available Sizes: 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm, 96mm
Available Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Silver

Description: For all your bookbinding needs. Durable and very stable. Available in five widths and six colours. All rolls individually wrapped for added protection and longer life.

Name: Transfer Adhesive Tape
Category: Packaging Tapes
Features: 456
Available Sizes: 12mm
Available Colours: Clear

Description: Ideal for use in HT19 Tape Dispenser or most other Transfer Tape Guns. Applies thin transparent acrylic adhesive to most papers and films.

Name: Vibac Packaging Tape - Solvent Rubber
Category: Packaging Tapes
Available Sizes: 36mm, 48mm
Available Colours: Transparent Clear, Brown

Description: Premium Vibac rubber based solvent adhesive for enhanced adhesion. Suitable for recycled cartons, freezer and cold store applications.

Product 1 to 5 of 5
Page: 1

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