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Select from a variety of local and imported uncoated papers and boards ranging from 50gsm through to 400gsm. Products to suit all printing and in house applications. If you can't locate a product, colour or size to suit your needs, email us and we'll find it for you.

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Name: Dalton Tinted Bond
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: ECF, ISO14001, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Forestry, Australian Made
Available GSM: 70
Available Sizes: 910x690
Available Colours: Buff, Blue, Canary, Green, Pink, Yellow

Description: Australian made 70gsm tinted bond available in six pastel colours.

Name: Drink Coaster Board
Category: Uncoated Papers

Description: See 'Beer Matt Board' or 'Shoalhaven Coaster Board'

Name: Envi 50/50 Recycled Carbon Neutral
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: ISO14001, ECF, FSC Certified, Carbon Neutral, Australian Made, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Forestry
Available GSM: 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 200, 250, 300
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 455x650, 635x880, 650x910, 720x1020
Available Colours: White

Description: Australias first Government accredited carbon nuetral range of papers. 50% Recycled and certified carbon neutral. See for more details.

Name: Envi Laser
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: ECF, pH Neutral, ISO14001, Carbon Neutral, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Forestry
Available GSM: 80, 90, 100
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 650x910
Available Colours: White

Description: Laser guaranteed carbon neutral laser offset. PEFC Certified. Inkjet compatible

Name: Eska Board
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: pH Neutral, Recycled, FSC Certified
Available GSM: 1075 (1750um), 1385 (2250um) 1475 (2400ums), 1845 (3000ums)
Available Sizes: 850x965, 760x1020, 820x1020
Available Colours: Grey

Description: European uncoated grey board with excellent application for bookbinding, display and packaging processes. Superior flatness ideal for puzzles and games. 100% Recycled from post consumer waste. FSC Certified

Name: Flying Colours
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: ECF, pH Neutral, PEFC Certified
Available GSM: 80, 160, 245, 325, 370
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 450x320, 650x910
Available Colours: Ivory, Canary Yellow, Lemon, Daffodil, Gold, Rose, Ocean Blue, Green, Spring Green, Red, Parrot Green , Platinum Grey, Saffron Orange, Chocolate, Cobalt Blue, Black

Description: Quality tinted paper range offering board grammage range and colour pallete. Fifteen colours to choose from and compatible with Inkjet and Laser printers. pH Neutral.

Name: Hercules Greyback - Formerly Whitehorse
Category: Uncoated Papers
Available GSM: 250, 300, 350, 400, 450
Available Sizes: 760x1020
Available Colours: White

Description: Food contact approved to FDA standards, excellent rigidity with a clean light colored back. 85% recycled. Reels available for custom sheeting.

Name: Interplus White Bank
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: ECF, ISO14001
Available GSM: 50
Available Sizes: 910 x 690, 455x650
Available Colours: White

Description: Imported range of bank paper

Name: Kaskad TCF Tinted Offset
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: TCF, PEPC, pH Neutral, Sustainable Forestry
Available GSM: 80, 100, 140, 225, 270
Available Sizes: 210x297, 640x900, 640x920
Available Colours: Bullfinch Pink, Canary Yellow, Curlew Green, Fantail Orange, Flamingo Pink, Kingfisher Blue, Lapwing Brown, Leafbird Green, Mallard Green, Merlin Blue, Oriole Gold, Owl Grey, Parrakeet Green, Peacock Blue, Pintail Cream, Plover Purple, Puffin Blue, Robin

Description: 28 colours to unite and communicate in a variety of weights including cover baord. Chlorine Free, Woodfree and Acid Free.

Name: Knight
Category: Uncoated Papers
Features: ISO9001, FSC Certified
Available GSM: 90, 105, 120, 140, 200, 225, 280, 300, 350, 400
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 455x650, 650x910, 700x1000 + DL Envelopes
Available Colours: White, Cream

Description: Economical uncoated paper in text and cover options. Smooth and Vellum finish plus Linen and Hammer boards. Exceptional smoothness. Made in Italy

Product 11 to 20 of 49
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