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Looking to a match a paper to a special project. Search our extensive catalogue of market leading specialty papers for 'that' look that sets your job apart from the rest.

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Name: Splendorgel
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: ECF, ISO 14001, pH Neutral
Available GSM: 85, 100, 115, 140, 190, 300, 340, 400gsm
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 455x650, 650x910, 710x1000 + DL Envelopes
Available Colours: White

Description: Ultra smooth surface. Quality and economy within an extensive range of weights including digital HP Indigo Certified stocks. Laser guaranteed 85-140gsm.

Name: Stardream
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: WMF, ECF, Acid Free, Laser Compatible
Available GSM: 90, 120, 285, 340
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 720 x 1020 + Matching Envelopes
Available Colours: Opal, Quartz, Antique Gold, Citrine, Silver, Amethyst, Anthracite, Aquamarine, Bronze, Coral, Gold, Fairway, Kunzite, Lagoon, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Serpentine, Vista, Copper Onyx, Punch, Jupiter, Lapislazuli, Mars, Emerald, Azalea

Description: Distinctive range of unique metallic papers and boards in vibrant, pearlescent finish. Laser compatible with matching envelopes in eight sizes.

Name: Starwhite Smooth & Hi Tech
Category: Specialty Papers
Available GSM: 90, 118, 148, 216, 238, 297, 352, 460
Available Sizes: 450x650, 650x910, 660x1016
Available Colours: White, Archiva Porcelain

Description: Premium correspondance text and cover. Available in two finishes Smooth and Hi Tech, laser guaranteed (90-148gsm). Matching envelopes. NEW!! Smooth now available in Archiva (Porcelain), plus check out the new 460gsm!!

Name: Stephen
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: ECF, ISO14001, Australian Made, Carbon Neutral, EMAS, Recycled, Laser Guaranteed
Available GSM: 115, 140, 330
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 650x910, 1000x700
Available Colours: Daring Brown, Dirty Brown, Smart White, Swiss White. Spicy White, Scrambled White, Chilled White

Description: Australian made economical communications paper in contemporary colours. Toothy feel and archival. Laser guaranteed 100-140gsm.

Name: Stone Paper
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: Acid Free
Available GSM: 120, 180, 200, 250, 300
Available Sizes: 660x940, 760x1020, A4, A3
Available Colours: White

Description: Revolutionary paper made from stone. Water and grease resistant, durable, acid free, Stone Paper is totally tree free. Stone Paper has minimal environmental impact with the versatility and durability of synthetic papers.

Name: Sundance
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: ECF, Recycled, pH Neutral
Available GSM: 104, 118, 176, 216, 270
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 635x965, 660x1016
Available Colours: Ultra White, Natural White, Warm White, Crushed White, Crushed Cream

Description: Produced by reknowned manufacturer Neenah, Sundance has 30% post consumer content. With great bulk and opacity, Sundance has superb on press performance.

Name: UV Ultra II
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: ECF
Available GSM: 90, 105, 117, 135
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 320x450, 635x965
Available Colours: Medium Radiant White, Medium Columns, Medium Oxford, Medium Pearlized, Heavy Radiant White

Description: Translucent papers available in four finishes. Radiant White, Columns, Oxford and Pearlized. UV Ultra II is the whitest and brightest translucent sheet available.

Name: Via
Category: Specialty Papers
Features: ECF, Recycled, Wind Power
Available GSM: 104, 118, 176, 216, 270
Available Sizes: A4, A3, 635x965, 660x1016 + Matching DL Envelopes
Available Colours: Bright White, Warm White, Bright White Fibre, Natural Fibre, Kraft, Leaf Green, Scarlet, Violet, Black

Description: Via is your everyday text and cover offering the highest quality with exceptional value. Broad color, weight and texture choices for all printed communications. 30% Post Consumer Waste. Made using Wind Power. Matching DL Envelopes. Available in Smooth, Felt, Vellum and Linen finishes.

Product 61 to 68 of 68
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